Based at Wellington's iconic Sky Stadium, our flat, fast and spectator friendly course takes you on a scenic tour of our harbour bays and quintessentially Capital landmarks such as the Railway Station, Michael Fowler Centre, Te Papa, Oriental Parade, Scorching Bay and Queens Wharf. The only hill is the ramp into Sky Stadium, so Wellington is where you wanna be for PB's. And the Full and Half Marathon are certified to IAAF & AIMS standards, so it's the perfect place to qualify for international events such as Boston.

  • All Races Start on the Sky Stadium Walkway, and head south on Waterloo Quay toward the Railway Station. 
  • The Full Marathon heads through the CBD, Oriental Parade, Evans Bay Parade, Cobham Dve and Miramar Peninsula to Scorching Bay and back.
  • The Half Marathon follows the same route as far as Miramar Peninsula and then returns.
  • The 10k follows the same route to the end of Oriental Parade and back.
  • The Kids' Magic Mile runs to the Railway Station and back.
  • All Races Finish heading north from the Railway Station and Waterloo Quay back to Sky Stadium.

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Course Info


  • All events start and finish on the Fran Wilde Walkway at Sky Stadium.
  • All events are out and back. But the final 2.6k of the 10k, 21k and 42k is slightly different to the outward journey (see course description).
  • Every kilometre is marked sequentially on the outward journey. But on the return journey all events will count down the kilometres remaining. This is to avoid confusion between five different events on the same out and back route.
  • Aid Stations are positioned every 4-5k and at the finish line (see below).
  • There are several toilets on the course (see righthand column).
  • Event Marshals are providing direction only. At all times entrants are responsible for their own actions. Be aware and give way to traffic and public at all times.
  • The Marathon and Half Marathon are measured and certified to IAAF and AIMS standard by qualified Athletics New Zealand course measurers.

Road Controls

There will be road controls in place on the course... BUT... this does not mean their will be no vehicles on the course. We must cater for traffic movements at major intersections, resident movements, and access for emergency vehicles. 

At all times you must watch for traffic and obey marshal and traffic management instruction. Course marshals are in place for direction and safety only. Where traffic is involved, participants must take responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

Course Cut Off

The Wellington Marathon does not have a cut-off time. The finish line stays open for the final finisher! However, due to road restrictions the road controls close at 1:00pm. 

This impacts 21k participants finishing slower 4hrs 15min and 42k participants finishing slower than 6hrs. But it is not an issue as the last 8k of the course has wide footpaths and the last 2.5k is within the wharves. But please be aware, that any participants on-course after 1:00pm will be responsible for their own safety and support.

42k runners expecting to finish slower than 6hrs are allowed to start 30min earlier with the 42k Walk (see race info). Your timing chip will record this.


Spectators cannot drive on the course due to road closures. But they can drive to the following spectators points for the Half & Full Marathon only.

  • Corner Cobham Dve & Evans Bay Parade:  This is 8k and 8k to go for both the Half Marathon and Full Marathon. Drive via Mt Victoria Tunnel. Park beside Kilbirnie Pk and use the walk lights to cross the road... Click for Map.
  • Scorching Bay:  This is the far turn around for the Full Marathon, which turns here twice at approx 15.5k and 26.5k. Access is via Miramar, Awa Rd and Worser Bay. There's a cafe at this location... Click for Map.

Aid Stations


Aid Stations are provided every 3.5 to 4.5 kilometres. They consist of Drinks Tables, First Aid and Toilets.

  • Drink Tables will consist of Water and Isotonic Energy Drink provided in paper cups.
  • Our Isotonic Energy Drink provider is RLine Energy Drink.
  • There will be no sponges, bottles, Coke or energy gels provided.
  • Please do not discarded cups and bottles on the ground. Use the bins provided or discard at the next drink station.
  • There will also be roving First Aid along the course.

Aid Station Locations

Aid Stations will be positioned at the following locations, and will be in operation on both the out and back journey:

Which Races
Approx Distance
Oriental Bay
10k, 21k, 42k
3k & 3k to go
Evans Bay
21k, 42k
8k & 8k to go
Shelly Bay
12k, 19k, 23k, 29k
Scorching Bay
15.5k, 26.5k

Full Marathon Personal Drinks

A personal drinks service will be available for Full Marathon participants only, whereby we will transport your personal drinks to the following Aid Stations:

Approx Distance
Shelly Bay
12k, 19k, 23k, 29k
Scorching Bay
15.5k, 26.5k
  • Personal drinks must be dropped to the Pavilion Bar inside Sky Stadium no later than 7:00am on race day.
  • They must be clearly marked with Name, Race Number and which Drink Station (e.g: Shelley Bay 1, Scorching Bay 2 etc).
  • They should be in small bottles that are easily identifiable. They may have energy gels or bars attached. No camelbak-type drink systems.
  • Please do not discarded bottles, cups or wrappers on the ground. Use the bins provided or discard at the next drink station.

All Toilet Locations

As well as at all Aid Stations, participants will find public toilets at the following places on the course:

Location Which Races Approx Distance
Sky Stadium All races Start/Finish
Frank Kitts Pk 10k, 21k, 42k 1.5k, 1.5k to go
Oriental Bay 10k, 21k, 42k 3k, 3k to go
Balena Bay 21k, 42k 5.5k, 5.5k to go
Hataitai Beach 21k, 42k 7k, 7k to go
Evans Bay 21k, 42k 8k, 8k to go
Shelly Bay Rd 21k, 42k 10k
Shelly Bay 42k 12k, 19k, 23k, 29k
Scorching Bay 42k 15.5k, 26.5k
Fergs Kayak 10k, 21k, 42k 1.25k to go